About BMH Transmotion

An innovation in Bulk Material Handling & Mineral Processing

Alternative Solutions

BMH Transmotion providing innovative integrated solutions and develop new technology in the areas that mostly impact the future of the industries. Our equipment development expertise provides an infinite range of options and configurations to meet any application need. We have an extensive experience in a bulk material handling industries, working with an expansive array of materials and applications, enable us to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective, and technologically advanced systems to the industries. Whether your need is for one equipment or a complex system configuration, we provides the ultimate in material handling solutions.

Our experience in a wide variety of applications means that the right material handling system for your needs will be designed and manufactured to your specifications. Our primary goal is to meet or exceed our client’s performance expectations with quality machinery.

Moving Bulk Material

BMH Transmotion understands that clients are looking to maximize throughout and increase system reliability, while balancing capital, operational and maintenance expenses. Bulk material handling has been part of our consulting practice from the beginning. In applications across all manner of facilities and commodities, we have developed solutions to address the challenges our clients face.

From pebbles to powders, from stones to seeds to sand, BMH Transmotion consulting is experienced in handling a large variety of bulk materials for industries across the board. We have capacity to develop bulk material handling system for wet and dry, free-flowing and sticky materials. We understand the issues related to operation: product flow ability, bridging, reclaim and blending, spills and emissions at transfer points, dust emissions and build-up, wash down systems, hazardous products and area classifications, corrosive products, We have capacity to solve these challenges and can bring best practices and proven solutions to our clients.

We can recommend and design bulk material handling solutions and conveying systems that integrate with other areas of the facility. We have the ability to develop all of the facility components that go in and around the material handling from silo storage, marine and dock structures, loading and unloading systems, to electrical and controls. As independent consultants, we are not tied to any particular equipment or technology. Our solutions and recommendation are based our past practical experience - what’s best for our clients’ business and the materials they handle.

Meet the founder

Ravindra has spent most of his career working in heavy industry, in various operation and technology departments. His focus for many years has been on modification and development of the existing bulk material handling and mineral processing systems. He is on the go with the latest technology and is always thinking of implementing it to bring innovative designs to reduce operational problems. His long industrial experience has given him strength to visualize the need and scope of development in bulk material handling.

Now, he is entering the grain industry with designing the ‘Bulk Grain Handling Technologies’. It will help the grain industry in protecting a huge portion of the grain, that was earlier destroyed due to lack of proper storage. He hopes to bring a revolution in bulk grain storage systems with his design.