Bulk Grain Storage Technologies


Food grains undergo a series of operations such as harvesting, threshing, bagging, transportation, etc. before they reach the consumer, and there are appreciable losses in all these stages for various reasons. It happens due to lack of storage infrastructure and poor pest control at the farm level.

The storage systems that are available in this field today, for storage are permanent vessels such as silos. Silos are not portable and hence the grain is required to move to different locations. They are expensive to build and locate. Thereby, silos offer a need for a portable storage system. Also, traditional storage practices do not guarantee protection against major storage pests, leading to a higher percentage of grain losses, particularly due to post-harvest insect pests and grain pathogens.

In our study, we found that hermetic stores are beneficial for storing grains. Hermetic stores means that the store shuts so tightly that neither insects nor air can enter. When hermetic stores are filled with grain and closed, the oxygen in the store is gradually depleted and the concentration of carbon dioxide increases. This happens due to the biological activity of the grain and any insect pests that are present will be killed. This is very convenient since pest control can be achieved without the use of pesticides that might otherwise have to be purchased.

We have developed our storage system keeping in mind all the above factors. Our new innovative foldable storage system is a suitable option for all levels of grain handling.

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