BMH Trash Compactor


Garbage is a big problem that every country has to deal with and India is no exception. Of the many trash-related problems faced, the biggest is probably storage of trash. Poorly stored trash attracts unwanted urban wildlife and makes for an ugly and noxious landscape. The bottom line is that Storage of waste is a big challenge and we BMH Transmotion would like to contribute to reduce the big problem in a small way.

BMH Trash Compactor is a machine or mechanism used to reduce the size of material such as waste material through compaction. We propose it to be installed in public places such as Railway stations, Airports, Railway coaches, school and colleges etc so that the garbage does not overflow before its regular pickups.


BMH Trash Compactor shall be suitable for mounting in Railway stations, Airports, Railway coaches, school and colleges etc. Equipment components for garbage handling shall be made of stainless steel of suitable grade and all mechanical and electrical operational equipments shall be made of superior quality. It is also available in mobile-truck version to gain access to narrower streets of India. You can have a look at the information catalogue for mobile-truck version below.

Trash compactors use ram force to reduce the volume of trash by 75 to 80 percent. This means five times less space coverage. This also results in an environmental impact as compacted trash occupies smaller area of landfills making the surroundings look much cleaner. Trash compactors are easy to use and fit conveniently in any location.

Important features

  • Neatly compress an entire bin in just 45 seconds with 2.5 tons of continuous compacting force.
  • The full basket slides out smoothly and trash can easily be removed from the basket.
  • Stainless Steel Equipment for corrosion free long life.
  • Trash compactors are designed for safety and convenience. It has all the safety features to prevent any injury or accident.
  • It has anti-jam sensors to alert if the compactor is overfilled.
  • It stores more garbage in less space thereby uses minimum cabin space.
  • Long lasting Materials Used in Manufacturing the product.
  • Cost effective and Maintenance Free.


  • More trash can be stored in lesser space since 80% of the waste will be compacted.
  • The trash collection will need less number of pickups. Indirectly the manual labour work will reduce and garbage pickups vehicles will have less number of trips which will intern save on fuel and control in pollution.
  • The overflow of trash bins will be solved which will keep the floor/landscape clean.
  • This will also avoid the unwanted urban wildlife.
  • It is designed with small footprint and can be in mounted in small space.
  • Public places can be kept clean with this trash compactor and its usage will contribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

  • Project Information Catalogue

    MOBILE TRASH COMPACTOR Information Catalogue