Mineral Processing

Investigating new ways to remove impurities from lower-grade iron ore resources

Reduction in Gangue Content of Iron Ore

The project aim is to reduce gangue content silica and alumina of iron ore. Iron ore deposits with high alumina or silica concentrations require more efficient separation techniques that not only remove the unwanted gangue components, but minimise the loss of valuable minerals. Our expertise in this area is helping companies effectively remove gangue components and cope with changing ore blends, while minimizing loss of valuable minerals. We are focused on improving the process of separating valuable minerals from waste gangue material – through impurity removal for lower-grade hematite ores.

Each ore has its own unique mineralogical characteristics and requires tailored metallurgical treatment for the most effective extraction. The choice of process depends on the nature of the gangue present and its association with the ore structure. Separating alumina and silica impurities from iron ore must be carried out carefully to reduce the loss of valuable minerals. We are continuously investigating new ways to remove impurities such as alumina and silica from lower-grade iron ore resources, to potentially increase the value of mineral endowment.